We had a great time yesterday at Maple Grove!! The Sleigh Ride was absolutely beautiful, and Brent stopped every so often to share some information about the maple business as we passed key features. Halfway through, we got off to have hot chocolate by a fire which was so cozy and delicious….not to mention the amazing maple treats! Brent and Amy were both so friendly and personable and made our experience great! Would highly recommend!
~ Mikkyla Reid

My family and I enjoyed an amazing sleigh ride today!  Brent and Amy were incredible hosts and provided an awesome experience. Hot chocolate by the fire was a great touch!  Maple Grove is a beautiful place!  Highly recommended the sleigh ride and the maple syrup of course!  It’s delicious.

~ Tom McQuade

Maple Grove Farm is a great outdoor adventure for both children & adults to learn about the process of making maple syrup. Brent was a great tour guide on our sleigh ride and made my family & I feel safe with respect to covid.  Can’t wait to hopefully take my nieces back during maple season!

~ Amanda Stafford

Sleigh Ride through the forest was beautiful!  Very welcoming and knowledgeable hosts!  Thanks Brent and Amy for a great afternoon 😊

~ Julie Leicester

Sleigh ride was great! Great people too. Will be back again.

~ Drew Langman

Amazing and safe outdoor family adventure.  Great hosts and beautiful farm.

~ Michelle van Walraven

A fantastic winter experience with my family!  Brent and Amy were so friendly and accommodating.  They took the time going through the trails and touched on all the work and time that gets put into making the maple syrup.  My 5 grandsons enjoyed looking for moose and coyote tracks in the snow and then enjoyed a nice hot cup of hot chocolate.  Thank you, we will definitely be back again!

~ Blake

A great day to have a sleigh ride in the sugar bush.  Brent and Amy explained the process in tapping the lines for making maple syrup.  There were moose tracks, deer tracks we saw during the ride.  We ended our ride at the sugar camp and saw how maple syrup is made..   It was a wonderful day for our family.  Will be back again as it is well worth it.

~ Betty Freeman

Had a great time walking the bush.  Learning about the making of syrup and the work that goes into it.

Got to taste it and everything!  No tax on farm-made products.

Great people.

~ Will Robichaud

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